Virtual Team Building

Re engage and maintain your teams remotely

In these current times maintaining your teams connection is more important than ever

Even experienced teams that have worked together for a long time still need a connection to their colleagues so they do not feel isolated, especially important for more social team members who may be suffering from this lack of connection to others.

More important still is this connection for relatively new teams or teams that have new members and have not had the opportunity to work alongside their colleagues more fully and develop the important personal relationships that allow us all to work effectively.

VR can fill this gap, allowing team members to meet each other with a “virtual physicality” close to real life, being able to shake hands, high five and interact in a very normal way with their fellow team members on tasks in a virtual environment.

Talk to us now and we can help your teams connect, safely and remotely form their homes or anywhere in the world.

We use the latest 6 DOF headsets for our Team Building services

Our compact headsets are easily shipped and incredibly easy to use for all delegates, our bespoke VR Team Building platform allows us to take delegates through a range of incredibly immersive and fun experiences.

For groups up to 12

For groups up to 80

VR Team build from anywhere remotely

Team Build From Anywhere Remotely

Better for the environment

Better for the Environment

We post the VR kit to your team

We post the VR kit to your team

Simple easy to use 6 dof headsets

Simple easy to use 6 DOF headsets

Advanced hygiene systems

Advanced Hygiene Systems

Virtual Team Building – How It Works

  1. We discuss with you your team objectives and what you need to achieve on the day and the best way to do this. We work with you to determine what virtual activities to use that will best meet these objectives
  2. We then post out all the headsets to your team at their home address or other locations. These are sanitised using advanced medical type systems (vastly superior to wiping)
  3. We then arrange for a familiarisation session with your team one at a time and take them through how the headset works, how to fit it comfortably and how to use the software that they will be using on the day
  4. Then on the virtual Reality team building day we have two VR facilitators and a VR lead who will manage and coordinate your session
  5. Following the virtual team building the headsets are then posted back to us
  6. These are then sanitised again ready for the next group

Activities for Your Virtual Team Building

Entertainment Based

If you want to just let your team meet in a virtual space and have fun, virtual team building is an excellent way to do this, with lots of engaging, stimulating VR experiences available that allow teams to work together either collaboratively or competitively.

Challenging Your Teams

We have some excellent virtual challenges to stretch your teams in a fun way, these can be escape room type challenges or we can also look at creating a new challenge for your team if you want them to work on a particular set of behaviours or values.

Creative Type Activities

We also have open ended creative activities where teams can express themselves and their creative skills, these type of activities allow teams to approach activities in different ways and it can be a great way to see your teams’ strengths as they complete the task.

Contact Us Now To Book Your Virtual Team Building

Call us for an informal chat and we are happy to outline how your VR team building event can run and how it all works.