VR Team Building
3 Learn

This team building option is for organisations who are looking for a team building day that is fun and engaging, but also would like some learning to come out of the day at the same time. This can take many forms, but is typically centered around key competencies that fit in most organisations. Your team building session will incorporate the best elements of the Engage 1 format but also overlay some well thought out learning outcomes that fit your organisational objectives.

VR Team Building – 2 Learn


As per the first VR team building we focus on total engagement, once teams are engaged, then they learn. Our background and expertise in corporate team building allow us to ensure this happens through clever VR activity design and strong facilitation and of course the VR technology. VR in itself creates huge engagement as delegates can be placed in incredible scenes that take them as far away from traditional training environments as possible.


Adopting principles from experiential learning to VR we ensure that all delegates have extensive opportunity to experiment, reflect and then apply their learning as they progress through the VR team building day. VR lends itself very well to this learning experience and experimentation stage, as it allows delegates to do things that are completely impossible in the real world.


To allow delegates to maximise learning our VR Trainers ensure groups reflect on their VR Experience fully and explore all the learning opportunities from their sessions. With careful questioning, group discussions and workshop materials we are able to ensure learning sticks, especially if they have to then apply their new thinking in a follow up activity. VR allows groups to restart or redo activities very easily at the click of a button or take up a challenge mid-way where they got stuck previously, giving them a chance to try a new alternative solution or improve their team problem solving skills or working methods.

Case Studies


VRE ran a VR team building day for Unilever’s HR and Talent teams, helping colleagues learn about each other in new ways and explore how their preferred communication styles impact on their roles in their normal office environment.

EIF European Investment Fund

Our team was required to travel to Luxembourg to deliver a major hybrid team building event for 80 head office staff for the EIF European Investment Fund. Using a mixture of more traditional experiential team building sessions alongside cutting edge VR technology, we were able to deliver new and engaging team building sessions. This created novel learning opportunities and development for a range of important EIF competencies relating to communication and team working.