VR Team Building
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VR team building can also be used to assess teams in more detail, VR can sometimes challenge teams to think in new ways not normally required in traditional training. These new challenges stretch their capabilities allowing us to see clearly each team members preferred working style in a team along with their strengths and development areas.

Working with organisations we can identify which behaviours and organisational values are important to them and build/structure a VR team building day accordingly.

For VR Team Building Assessment – we can create additional workshop materials that tap into the values and competencies identified by the organisation, ensuring teams reflect and work on learning that is focused on the desired learning outcomes.

We like quantifying things

A key part of our training expertise is the categorisation and handling of data, as corporate trainers and psychologists, we like to quantify things as much as we can, it’s in our nature, our training and our backgrounds.

So as part of team building for assessment we will also work with the organisation to determine what they want to show as a key outcome for their VR event and work backwards to determine what we need to evaluate and how. We are comfortable handling data and at the end of your VR event we will process and deliver a concise and relevant summary of team dynamics, behaviours and also departmental and organisational strength areas and areas where the organisation may be too homogenous and lack diversity in approach or demonstrate group think.

We also run Hybrid training events

We can also incorporate the best of traditional non VR training activities to provide a blended approach to your VR Team Building event, this allows us to bring old and new methods together on the same day and can help triangulate team behaviours across different tasks.

Case Studies


Santander required a corporate team building service for a large head office team of 80 staff. We delivered this with a hybrid team building day, allowing us to combine the best of traditional and new team building methods into a single unique and effective day. In addition our Business Psychologists worked closely with their management team to develop additional materials to assess key departmental behaviours and organisational values across all the teams. At the end of the day we also presented to the whole group a quantitative summary of departmental strengths and attitudes, allowing all involved to see where their departmental strengths lay and where development and challenge may lie ahead.