VR Multiplayer Team Building

Working Together In A Virtual World

We are social creatures by nature, so we are drawn to share our virtual experiences with others, VR is no different and so multiplayer VR experiences amplify the amazing experience of VR even more when working with others in landscapes and scenes that are impossible to recreate in the real world.

That’s why we’ve invested in the latest generation of VR equipment, which allows us to offer you multiplayer Virtual Reality team building experiences. Suitable for smaller teams of up to 16 (as every person has a headset and laptop) these multiplayer experiences allow teams to work together, collaborate, problem solve all in novel stimulating VR locations.

We also have our own exclusive experiences that we’ve built with multiplayer team building in mind, these are true multiplayer experiences that require teams to genuinely work together with real team roles and group challenges that can only be solved if the group functions effectively as a team.

Multiplayer VR team building experiences have the power to foster communication, leadership and team work, they also teach participants about real individual differences and their own team working preferences with strong task interdependencies bringing out the way individuals work together.

Experienced in international delivery we can host our intense multiplayer VR team building sessions at any suitable venue in Europe.

Cutting Edge Technology

We always use the latest cutting edge technology, for VR multiplayer this currently means Vive Pro headsets with the excellent wireless bolt on accessories meaning groups can work together effectively with no tethers. These headsets connect wirelessly to our custom built extreme performance machines to ensure the best experience for your team.

Custom Multiplayer Events

Our creative team are also able to create bespoke multiplayer challenges for specific development requirements your team or organisational culture might have. We have the flexibility to adapt our systems to tackle specific organisational values or team behaviours that you might want to focus on.

Multiplayer Remote Locations – Bringing Remote Teams Together

We are also able to bring teams together from different geographical locations, have colleagues in Singapore? no problem we can link them up with European or UK events to ensure the whole team get to develop and learn about each other in completely new ways.