VR Leadership Training

Develop Leadership Potential, Not Leadership Dominance

Our team of Psychologists and L&D professionals understand what leadership is and how its potential can be discovered and nurtured. We have been developing leadership programmes long before the advent of VR and know how this amazing technology can be applied to fields of training and development such as leadership.

Important to us is the development of leadership potential and skills across all levels of an organisation and for whole teams, we bring this expertise to VR and our unique leadership training platform to enable us to do precisely this.

VR Leadership Development in a completely unique way

Our leadership development platform was designed from the ground up to develop leaders in completely new ways far removed from traditional training.

We are able to change the rules of engagement, the environment and challenge reluctant leaders without them even realising they have been pushed to the forefront.

Our platform also allows us to assess behaviours effectively and capture this information for later use in reflection sessions and development plans.

Test You Leader - VR

Test your leaders in completely novel ways, can they adapt and lead when the rules change and the challenges they face are completely unknown.

Learning and Development using the latest VR Technology

Rapid VR innovation has only recently made sophisticated learning and development possible and convenient to use.

To make learning comfortable and create amazing training experiences we only use the latest equipment and this currently means Vive Pro wireless VR systems with custom high end PC’s.

We constantly review hardware innovation and as the technology rapidly progresses we look at how each new system can improve the learning experiences we offer.

Engaging and stretching leaderhip training at its best

We feel leadership training should be fun, VR allows us to do that, we are able to put your teams in amazing situations that cannot be replicated in the real world. This allows us to create leadership challenges that are quite simply way beyond their normal experiences and expectations, so we can test and stretch your people in completely new ways.

Engaging and fun complements our training design, however our VR leaderhip training platform has first and foremost been carefully developed to challenge leaders in a number of important ways. Our platform hides its true purpose behind a series of linked challenges driven by a story based narrative.

We can deliver our VR leadership development anywhere

Our team is used to working extensively across Europe and we can also deliver leadership training from Singapore to regional asia locations.

Suitable for groups of up to 16 and sessions facilitated by our experienced Business Psychologists, we will work with you to plan your leadership training and any specific requirements for your teams.