VR Events

A Smaller Inter-connected World Has Arrived

The world has gotten a whole lot smaller with our virtual event services. We help companies the world over connect with their clients and teams, across continents, time zones and cultures, making what was impossible now practical and surprisingly even more engaging than a real event.

We are experts in the logistics required for large scale virtual events that go way beyond a 3d environment on a desktop, we use the latest virtual reality headsets to create incredible engagement, immersion and connection between delegates, that delights and surprises our clients every time.

The beauty of this is not only is it incredibly engaging but also incredibly safe, bringing people together in a covid safe virtual environment with no anxieties for delegates and a stress free event where they can just focus on what is important.

BAT, 10+ Countries, 40+ Delegates, One Amazing Event

Working with BAT we enabled their teams across 4 continents to meet, collaborate, network and reconnect. Running their event we created the space and opportunity for their teams to engage with each other, we also enabled delegates to enjoy some fun VR team building activities after the main event, running team building activities across several days.