VR Escape Rooms

Do your team have what it takes to escape?

Will your team band together and work out how to escape our virtual reality escape rooms?

Place your colleagues in our VR escape room experiences and see their problem solving and communication skills put to the test by the exciting and immersive challenges.

Ideal for teams with up to 8 members, VR escape rooms are fun, memorable and push participants cognitive and collaborative skills to the limit.

Our favourite escape room scenarios

We offer a huge range of escape room scenarios to pitch your team against. Here are a few of our favourites.

Escape From The Mine

In the 1960s, this spooky black rock mine was closed due to a landslide.

Many brave souls have attempted to retrieve the gold trapped inside and never returned. Can your team work together to solve the puzzles and escape the mine?

Their only hope is to get the old elevator working. But they had better think fast, the oxygen is running out!

VR - Escape Room - Mine


A secret organization has captured your team and has been testing out hallucinogens on you, leaving you lost somewhere between reality and a confusing dream.

Your team have to work together and search for the antidote, before working out how to escape the creepy dream world before the guards come back.

But just when you thought you had it all figured out, you’re transported to another universe where dreams become nightmares…

Surprises abound in this gripping virtual reality escape room game.

VR Escape Room - Illusion

Sleepy Hollow

Your team find themselves trapped in an eerie graveyard, past midnight. It’s Halloween and the place is decorated for the occasion.

You’ll soon realise that your team is not alone here, but is being followed by a mysterious man. Perhaps he is the one that’s keeping you here. You’ll have to work together to outsmart him and find a way out of this place.

Can your team discover the secrets of the graveyard and escape before it’s too late?

VR Escape Room - Sleepy Hollow