Virtual Meetings

Modern VR technology has now enabled a new meeting format. With the birth of modern roomscale headsets, teams can meet in VR, collaborate, brainstorm, plan and discuss as they would in any conventional face to face meetings.

The new wave of VR headsets are very easy to use, point and click to access the meeting venue, with comfortable cableless VR headsets that allow set up in seconds even for non-tech users.

Talk to us now to introduce and pilot virtual meetings in your organisation.

Virtual Meeting Functionality that is not limited by a physical space

We can provide a wide range of virtual meeting spaces that suit the format and purpose of the meetings, such as:

  • Auditoriums for larger group sizes and ideal for company presentations
  • Traditional meeting rooms with large display screen on one wall for presentations
  • Beautiful open creative space high up in the mountains with extensive space on walls for brainstorming and design collaboration

Additional functionality in virtual meeting include the ability to draw, write anywhere in the room, even in the air, floating designs and concepts that allow team members to express and communicate ideas in a way that allows maximum comprehension.

Images, pictures, content from the internet can be selected and placed anywhere in the room, add media to the space as you see fit from an easy to use intuitive virtual control pad.

Virtual Meetings Pilot Support

We support the implementation, piloting and evaluation of virtual meetings in your organisation.

Our VR consultants will support you every step of the way, we will look at how you want to use virtual meetings, which functionality suits your needs and how best to introduce it to your relevant teams.

We arrange orientation calls with everyone involved to make sure they are comfortable setting up and wearing the headset and can use the simple menu’s when inside the VR experience.

We will also work with you to bespoke the environments where the functionality allows and set this up for you.