Virtual Interviews

VR has many uses and applications, with the recent change in our working world and working patterns some of the new ways of working required suit VR very well.

With recent advances in VR technology and software, they are now extremely easy to use, are stand-alone devices without any cables or PC and point and click software to get started.

We support the whole process from helping your recruitment teams pilot this new technology to supporting your candidates to get the best out of their virtual interview.

Why Virtual Interviews?

Virtual Interviews are now becoming popular for a number of reasons not just the recent restrictions on our working life, they allow:

  • Companies to interview candidates in a much more natural and realistic way than flat screen interviews
  • Candidates can engage their interviewers and vice a versa, they can present, shake hands and even walk around the room when presenting in their virtual interview
  • Savings on travel costs for candidates travelling your interview locations
  • The ability to interview candidates anywhere in the world as if they were in the same room
  • A much richer, natural and informative way to interview candidates than other technologies, you can even see their body language
  • Safer, more convenient interviews for both your recruitment panel and your candidates
  • Candidates to demonstrate their ability to adapt and use new technology

Our Virtual Interview Services

We support the piloting and implementation of virtual interviews in your organisation as follows:

  • Hire of VR equipment
  • Consulting and support around adapting any existing interview process into VR
  • Short training sessions for recruitment teams
  • Posting and collection of VR headsets to selected candidates